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Easter Have We Forgotten The Wonder

The Passover celebration had come and gone, and the Sabbath was over. Life in Jerusalem was starting to return to normal. The week before, there had been a huge uprising in the city. The people had demanded the death of an innocent man, their shouts drowning out the cries of those who loved him. But come Sunday morning, things were quiet again. 

How does the resurrection affect us?

The earth felt the effects

"Suddenly there was a violent earthquake" (Matt. 28:2). The earth trembled not just that but it shook the whole of the earth in shock. It reeled and rocked. The ground quaked. The rocks erupted. The earth cracked. The trees waved their twisted limb for all to see the world in mourning the world in shock.

The earth was in mourning that its creator was crucified, yet three short days later it leaped for joy at the resurrection of it creator.

The very earth its self attests to the cosmic significance of the event of the death and resurrection of its creator.

The angel felt the effects

An angel of the Lord descended from heaven he rolled back the stone and was sitting on the top of it waiting, waiting for those who were yo come. His appearance could be said to appear like lightning, and his robe was so bright and white that one could say it was just like newly fallen snow" (Matt. 28:2-3).

Shafts of lightning blazed from all around the angel its clothes shimmering just like new-fallen snow the stone was rolled away this was not so as to let Jesus out, but to let the offers in.

The truth of the resurrection is just as shocking today as it was the day it occurred. Lets not treat the resurrection as some cold truth we've always heard. Do not allow our understanding and presentation of the gospel to be about the death of Jesus alone.

Let Jesus' resurrection change our conversation. Talk about it this week with the same excitement as if it just happened.

As Jesus revealed His true identity to His disciples, after the resurrection He taught them a very important truth. His gospel presentation explains how their lives will change because of that truth. "Repentance and forgiveness should be proclaimed in His name to all nations, beginning with Jerusalem" (24:47).

HEAD LINE NEWS FLASH HERE LISTEN UP don’t miss this - repentance does not just mean to turn away from sin on no that is only part of the truth. Repentance also means turning to Jesus in all aspects of life not just in the good time but also when life gets tuff

You see forgiveness means that God will not hold His judgment against us for our sin because Jesus has been judged in our place the word "Nations" means that there is not one person on earth who does not need to hear about the gospel of salvation through and because what our Lord Jesus Christ did on the cross.

Repentance and forgiveness should not be whispered, muttered, or mumbled no it should and needs to be shouted from the roof tops and as Christian if we all do not do that we need to hang our heads in shame witnessing to lost people and see them turn from their sin and to Jesus is a joy that all who love Christ long to see

Telling sinners who feel the weight, guilt, and shame of their sin about our Lord Jesus’ love for them should be our true pleasure in life. Jesus tells us that repentance and forgiveness are to be proclaimed because this is the news that people are dying to hear.

The nations of the world are looking for ways to relieve their guilt and shame for sin that only the gospel of Christ can bring. Let the resurrection change our witness by proclaiming its truth.


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