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 We are a Family based Church, serving the local community in central Exmouth. In
today’s uncertain world many of us are seeking to Know God more deeply and to build
meaningful relationships with each other as we open our hearts to Him. Since 1890 (*) we
have welcomed all to join us through Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship as we seek the
blessing of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

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What we stand for

Exmouth Baptist Church is a Bible based Church located in the heart of Exmouth. We are passionate about Jesus as we come together to worship Him and to hear the Gospel on and to reflect upon lessons from Scripture.We also love spending time together as a Church, always looking for ways to reach out to the Community. Through both outreach and discipleship we aim to be a place where people can feel, safe, loved, and grow.

Home: Our Values

Pastor Mike Martin and his Wife Sue

Mike and Sue have been at the church for 9 years.

They have a passion for serving and sharing the Gospel. 

Sue's joy is the Charity shop and Mike's passions's are cooking and Worship.

They have a beautiful English Bull Dog called  Cassie.

Mike and sue outside.jpeg
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Welcome one and all

Thursday: 10am - 4pm Charity Shop and  Cafe

-All profits return to supports the local community.

Friday: Cameo   10:30 - 12:30

Come - and - meet - each - other

An opportunity for quiet reflection and prayer and creativity.

Sunday: 10:30am - 11:30pm Coffee from 11:30pm onwards, all welcome!

More activities available through out the church, check out the ministry life page.

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Elders and deacons


Dorothy Heath, Phil Goodson



Henry Dougherty, Norman Denton

Barbara Speed Andrews,

Peter Edge

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What to expect

We are committed to teaching the Good News of Jesus Christ through our inclusive Sunday service.
Our Church is dedicated to sharing the love of God through Ministry, Fellowship and Worship. We seek God’s will, to discern his gifts and to celebrate His redemptive love.
Services can vary, but will normally include a mix of modern and traditional Worship songs. Scriptural teaching, and a time of Prayer.
Refreshments are served after services. 
We welcome you to join us!

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Contact Us

Let us know you’re out there! Contact Exmouth Baptist Church today.

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